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Donate now to help our most vulnerable neighbors

As the weather grows colder, unhoused people are vulnerable to the elements. You can save lives this winter.

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Peter needed a safe place to call home

Peter's* story:

When our Outreach Team first found Peter, he was living in a tent in Marion Square Park. It was a bitterly cold day; his limbs were numb from the cold and he wasn't able to move. Peter had lost several toes to frostbite and had mobility difficulties, which made him even more vulnerable to the elements. ARCHES staff were able to get him over to our day center, get him a hot drink and a meal, and talk to him about finding shelter and support. Peter wanted to find a place to call home.

Later that day, staff drove him to the ARCHES Inn and enrolled him. Peter had a safe, warm room, three meals a day, and a place to start to rebuild his health and life. Over the course of a few weeks, Peter worked with an ARCHES case manager to explore more permanent housing options. Through this process, Peter discovered that his previous outstanding warrants would be a barrier to obtaining housing.

Our outreach team contacted the Salem Police Department and they agreed that if Peter went to jail to get a warrant cleared, it would derail all of the progress Peter had made towards finding housing. The ARCHES Inn staff drove Peter to all of his court appointments, resolving the warrants.

Then, with assistance from the Salem Housing Authority, the ARCHES staff helped him leave the shelter and finally find a permanent place to call home.

Your gift helps people like Peter find a new, safe place to land. Thank you so much for your support.

*We change the names of our clients to protect their privacy.

The Emergency Services program is part of the ARCHES Project. Emergency Services (ES) primarily provides warming and cooling shelter access and street outreach teams to connect with unsheltered community members during times of disaster and crisis. ES provides a variety of services including mobile showers, hygiene kits, pet food, community resource referrals, and navigation and transportation to shelter and housing opportunities. During the fall and winter months when temperatures reach 32 degrees or lower, ES mobilizes emergency warming shelters. This innovative program offers free transportation and accepts anyone in need of a warm place to sleep.

Other ways to contribute to The Warming Fund:


Please make checks payable to Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action Agency, write The Warming Fund in the subject line, and mail or bring to:

2475 Center St NE
Salem, OR 97301

Corporate Matching Gifts

Many companies match donations made by their employees to registered nonprofit organizations. You can ask your company if they might be able to match your donation this year. The impact of your gift to The Warming Fund could potentially be doubled!


Don't have the means to donate this year? Want to be involved in a more hands-on way? We are always looking for volunteers. Volunteers can serve breakfast at the breakfast booth for our unsheltered neighbors, help prepare lunch in our commercial kitchen, or serve in the evening or overnight at an emergency warming shelter when the weather grows cold. Sign up here:

Donate Supplies

You can always donate supplies directly to The Warming Fund. Email or call 503-399-9080 to schedule a supply drop-off time. We have some items listed below!

Here's what your donation provides

Emergency Warming Kit $10 - pair of socks, hand warmer, beanie cap, gloves, emergency blanket, Chapstick.

Cost of 10 sleep spots at the emergency warming shelter $100 - For ten people to sleep safely overnight when the temperatures are dangerous.

Outdoor Shelter Kit $55 - Tent, tarp, sleeping bag.

Provide a hot meal for everyone at the Emergency Warming Shelter $250 - Feed everyone staying at the emergency shelter for one night.

Be a warming hero! Shelter 50 people from the elements for a night $500 - Offers 50 sleeping mats to people at our Emergency Shelters.